6. I operate under Kwerri, my freelancing company!

Kwerri provides specialised consultancy in web engineering. For me personally, Kwerri acts as my own incubator, allowing me to freelance on different projects + start my own.

Kwerri BV
Mechelbaan 72
2221 Booischot

V.A.T.: BE 0829 035 541
R.P.R. Antwerpen, Mechelen
(t) +32 494 594460
(e) sam@kwerri.be

Happy clients and partners

We've worked with some very nice clients and partners in the past. With most we still do! Kwerri and it's official partners are keen on creating long-term beneficial and win-win relationships.

  • Rosa Health
  • Ordina
  • ARHS Digital
  • Proximus
  • Immoweb
  • Vlaamse Overheid
  • Hackages
  • Juvo
  • ideeds
  • Vink

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