3. I like to talk and organise, giving others a stage!

The things I talk about can be of all kinds. Mostly I share the things I do for the projects I'm involved in, but it can also just be a good incentive to learn in-depth about a specific technology. Or trying to solve a problem I faced during my day-to-day coding battles, setting up architectures, etc.

NG-BE 2018 opening ceremony

Opening ceremony by Sam, Wassim & Jurgen, NG-BE 2018

Besides that I love to train people in using the technologies I love to explore as an early adaptor. As a regular co-organiser of the Angular Belgium meetup group and NG-BE conference I try to invite & welcome as many passionate developers as we can.

Contact me if you'd like me to talk at your event, I would be very happy to! And if you are a speaker, experienced or only beginning, we have a stage for you! We invite everybody to come and speak about any web-related topic they are willing to share something about!

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Short speaker bio:

Sam is a freelance software engineer, currently focusing on frontend technologies. Co-organiser of NG-BE and Angular Belgium meetup. https://samvloeberghs.be

Full speaker bio:

Sam is a freelance software engineer, currently focusing on frontend technologies and frameworks like Angular while keeping a sharp eye on the basics and advanced aspects of HTML5.

He is the co-organiser of the Belgian Angular Conference, NG-BE and the Angular Belgium meetup. Sam writes about the technologies he uses on a daily basis at https://samvloeberghs.be.

While he is not working he likes to spend time with his family and working out in his home gym or going for a long walk!

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